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Ahalfway houseis more like an inpatient treatment program than a recovery home and there are very few actual halfway houses in Tennessee. When someone refers to a halfway house they recovery residence are probably talking about a recovery house since there are so few real halfway houses in Tennessee with many recovery houses, which are commonly thought to be the same thing.

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We abide by all regulations and offer private and semi-private bedrooms to all of our residents. Our main priority is ensuring that every one of our residents feels as safe and as comfortable as possible.

They serve individuals that are currently receiving outpatient SUD services or are enrolled in recovery services. For more information on certified recovery residences in Maryland please email, ​. To apply to become a certified recovery residences in Maryland complete the MCORR application and submit the required documentation. The NARR Standard promotes delivery of quality recovery support services in community-based, residential settings. FARR Certification of Florida providers to the NARR Standard ensures availability of recovery-oriented housing to meet the needs of persons in recovery. This is an appropriate level for the individual that needs a high degree of structure and support – someone new to the recovery process and/or needing life skill development. NARR has emerged as the unifying entity long needed in a field that lacked professionalization and standards for residential programs.

If Your Loved One Is Struggling With Addiction, They Dont Have To Go Through It Alone

Haven residents share furnished bedrooms with same-sex roommates, helping each other navigate sobriety while enjoying the company of their peers. The Haven at Santa Barbara is located in a beautiful private residence in Isla Vista, Just a few steps from the Pacific ocean and a short walk or bike ride from the UCSB campus. Haven residents live in furnished bedrooms with same-sex roommates, helping each other navigate midterms and life’s terms. The house is stocked with surfboards, kayaks and bicycles for Haven residents to enjoy in their spare time. Comfortable and convenient, The Haven at College https://ecosoberhouse.com/, in collaboration with Drexel University, is located in the heart of University City in a large historic residence two blocks from campus. With a safe and all-inclusive communal space, an enormous backyard and a full service kitchen, The Haven has become the center of collegiate recovery in Philadelphia for students from Drexel and neighboring universities.

recovery residence

A Certified Recovery Residence Administrator is the person responsible for the overall management of a recovery residence, plus supervision of residents and paid or volunteer staff. He or she ensures appropriate response to resident needs and maintenance of the residence. While this training curriculum is based around the requirements set froth by the Florida and Georgia Certification Boards, since they were the first Recovery Residence Administrator Certifications. If you have questions, or your state requires a course not in the curriculum , simply contact us and we will assist you. At Riverbend Residence we have carefully developed four gender-specific sober living homes that serve men and women of all ages in Sparta, New Jersey, and all surrounding areas.


Community Support includes Recovery Coaching, Family Support, Online Recovery Meetings and Online Peer Support. "Certified recovery residence" means a recovery residence that has been certified by the Department.

  • The Haven at USC is located in the University Gateway—a modern, mixed-use student apartment complex with 24-hour security, restaurants and entertainment.
  • Such recovery residences may allow children to visit or reside in the residence if the parent does not yet have a time-sharing plan pursuant to s.
  • As of April 1, 2022, the recovery residence will not exclude any resident solely on the basis that the resident is participating in medication-assisted treatment.
  • The residences provide apartment-style living, with separate quarters for men and women.
  • While there, the resident is able to attend treatment, find employment, and save some money.
  • Please refer to the Loyola Village Complex webpage for more information regarding this on-campus housing option.

The certification shall automatically terminate 1 year after issuance if not renewed. Monitor and inspect a recovery residence and its staff to ensure compliance with certification requirements.

Substance Abuse & Mental Health

"A lot of recovery houses are like, 'Wow! We never knew.' It's a learning curve for them, and they're really enjoying the fact that they're separated from those other houses." On a more basic level, homes may be lacking in cleanliness, structure, and even sobriety. When residents and their families are uninformed it can enable operators to conduct themselves unethically.

Higher residential levels describe higher levels of service and structure. Delineating recovery residence levels allows the consumer to identify and match the service need to the appropriate level of residence.

recovery residence

These homes should provide safe places for individuals to live temporarily as they continue to work their programs. Residents seek the appropriate level of outpatient care from facilities within the community and have, ideally, already participated in inpatient care if necessary. For more information on certified recovery residences or the process for applying for recovery residences certification, please send an email to The delineation of a recovery residence continuum model offers an unprecedented degree of professionalism to a portion of the field of addictions recovery that has heretofore been laden with stigma.

All Of Our Buildings And Facilities Are Located On The Same Campus, So Our Staff Is Right Where You Need Them

We have compiled a checklist below – and remember, if you have any additional questions we are more than happy to answer them in detail the moment you give us a call. Dual Diagnosis (sometimes referred to as Co-Occuring Disorders) is a term used when a person experiences both a substance use disorder and mental illness recovery residence simultaneously. Either disorder can develop first and millions of Americans experience some form of Dual Diagnosis every year. The term Co-Occurring disorder replaces the terms Dual disorder and Dual Diagnosis when referring to an individual who has a co-existing mental illness and a substance-use disorder.

recovery residence

We know that recovery is a process, our team is dedicated to providing a safe and supportive environment while equipping you with the tools needed to live a rewarding life in Alcohol dependence recovery. This level is appropriate for the individual who needs a higher degree of structure and support, perhaps coming out of a stabilizing residential treatment center.

Current research shows that the longer a person is exposed to and part of a sober community, the better the chances are for long term recovery. If you are interested in establishing a recovery residence in California, or obtaining a recovery residence certification for an existing home with CCAPP, you may find the links listed under "CCAPP Certified Recovery Residence" helpful. "If you take away recovery residences, where are they going?" Way asks.

The Haven at College Recovery Residence, in collaboration with the University of San Francisco, is located in a charming two-story town house on the northside of USF’s Lone Mountain Campus. The Haven House Manager and Community Leader is in recovery and a USF alum who has tremendous knowledge of the school and San Francisco area.

What To Look For In A Great Recovery Residence

The residential facility is typically part of the continuum of care for an overseeing institution. All types of residences and occupancy numbers can be found at this level, depending on the program. Average stays vary from several weeks to several months, depending on the acuity of the individual. Emphasis is placed on equipping the individual for the next phase of recovery, be that another residential level or independent living. Level 1 peer-run facilities are appropriate for the individual who has physically and psychologically stabilized and who would benefit from a sober environment allowing her/him to implement personal recovery in an interdependent community of support. This level of support is very often one that is highly cost-contained. Length of stay varies and is open-ended, generally ranging from 90 days to several years.

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