Cyberghost Vs Private Internet Access

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CyberGhost is missing some features on mobile clients that can be a gamechanger. So, if you want a wide suite of clients that are not only full of features cyberghost vs pia but convenient to use, you’ll have to stick with NordVPN. Mobile apps port the best practices of the desktop experience to Android and iOS clients.

As I often said here, Mullvad or IVPN, for the privacy-concerned looking for serious providers. We publish guides, reviews and news on tech, cryptocurrency, ethereum Bitcoin, blockchain & privacy. Our content is updated regularly to keep our privacy-minded readers safe, informed & up to date.

cyberghost vs pia

While VPNs are useful tools for improving your privacy online, they cannot protect against every threat. Both NordVPN and PIA have an impressive number of servers worldwide. PIA currently has 3,302 servers in 25 countries while NordVPN maintains over 4,400 servers in 60 countries. Neither VPN will allow you to choose a specific server or city to connect to, rather you will be be connected to the server that is best optimized for you. A big advantage that NordVPN has over PIA is that they offer dedicated servers for downloading torrents and P2P files. One big advantage that NordVPN has over PIA is when it comes to anonymity. While both VPNs have a strict no-logging policy, NordVPN is located in Panama and doesn’t come under US jurisdiction like the US based PIA.

Router Support

The critical thing when choosing the right VPN for you lies in the specific features that you need. No matter which one you select, make sure that you find out about its server locations and other pertinent information before you make your choice. Privacy and SecurityYour ability to choose your own VPN protocol or let ExpressVPN select one for you is an excellent security feature. Also, ExpressVPN operates its own encrypted and private DNS on every server guaranteeing you faster and safer connections. ExpressVPN also lets you pay with Bitcoin, which is still a rarity and brings its own privacy benefits.

Having more servers means less load for more reliable performance; however, NordVPN falls in the average range when it comes to speed. With an unbelievably simple interface, high encryption level, nearly anonymous sign-up, and much more, PIA lives up to its reputation. In addition to the app’s protection icon, you can visit the website cyberghost vs pia once connected, and it will show your protection status. This service focuses on data security, so if you wish to improve your access to Netflix this may not be the VPN for you. After the passage of a new national security law affecting Hong Kong,Private Internet Access announcedthat it was removing its server presence from the city.

ExpressVPN has countless servers in many countries that makes it a secure VPN provider. After comparing both services using the major aspects of a good VPN. Although CyberGhost can work on its privacy credentials, however, it delivers decent speed and performance level, supports Netflix and works with torrent. CyberGhost is an all-inclusive, multi-platform VPN solution that provides total online protection regardless of platform or device. On the other hand, CyberGhost VPN is way better for streaming and has 24/7 live chat support. I also found it easier to use, especially thanks to the Smart DNS feature.

Hotspot Shield Vpn Review

Starting at the top, PIA lays out what information it collects. As far as the VPN application is concerned, PIA keeps your email address and payment information on record. Both are required to keep the service running, though PIA takes steps to reduce the potential security risk of storing this data.

Avira Phantom VPN, VPN, Ghostery Midnight, Surfshark VPN, and Windscribe VPN all place no limit on the number of simultaneous connections. If you buy through affiliate links, we may earn commissions, which help support our testing. When it comes to customer support NordVPN is the clear winner. With a 24-hour live chat option you can get instant answers to your questions day or night. PIA has an e-mail ticket systems, but the response time is, on average, a less than impressive 36 hours. We aim to ensure that all the information & prices are accurate, but we can’t guarantee that they are up to date at all times. Even though the situation in the VPN market changes rapidly, we try our best to keep the data updated & useful for making the right decision.

Both of these VPNs offer similar compatibility, but CyberGhost has an app in the official Amazon Fire app store, so it has the advantage here. CyberGhost also allows you to connect up to seven devices crypto wallet at once, so it’s less likely you’ll have to deactivate one in order to use another. If you’d like to protect all of your devices, you can manually install either service on your router.

Before getting to that, though, let’s talk about encryption. While PIA can consistently maintain high speeds, it doesn’t come close to NordVPN which is one of the fastest VPNs that we’ve tested. This is due to the number of servers that NordVPN has around the world. The speed is not only great for browsing, but is perfect for streaming US Netflix (which you can’t do through PIA). It’s super easy - in the input fields above, choose the VPNs that you want to compare & click “Compare Now”. You’ll get a comprehensive VPN comparison chart of the most important features evaluated head-to-head for each VPN. The data is grouped into 7 different sections - primary info, security, compatibility, technical features, pricing, company’s info & quotes.

DDoS attacks flood an IP address with requests until the system can’t respond anymore. However, when connected to a VPN, an attacker would only see the server’s IP address, not yours. VPN networks are able to spread the load across hundreds of servers, and can usually shrug off these attacks without any problems. This means that everyone who connects to a particular server at the same time is given the same IP address. In practice, this means that even if traffic logs were available , it’d be all but impossible to tell which connected user visited a specific site.

Privacy Alert: Websites You Visit Can Find Out Who You Are

If this is a must-have feature for your Android device, you can sideload the APK after downloading it from Private Internet Access' website. Many streaming video services block VPNs, because they have geographically limited licenses for streaming content. I test with Netflix because of its enormous popularity and because it is particularly aggressive at blocking VPN users. Clicking the Bookmark icon adds these tiles to your default view, letting you customize your experience. It's an excellent approach, and other VPN companies should take note of how Private Internet Access so easily handles interacting with its more complex features.

  • If the VPN has great quality, it won’t leak or log your personal information.
  • We tested this out at various times of day and found that in most cases, an agent responded within a minute.
  • CyberGhost also supports two of the most secure protocols that are OpenVPN and IKEv2 to transmit your information.
  • Finding a good VPN service that meets your needs can be challenging.
  • However, that quote really is the highlight of the whole policy.

It has, however, conducted an audit of the underlying OpenVPN technology and released the results to the public and Trading Platform the OpenVPN developers. Private Internet Access is based in the US and operates under US legal jurisdiction.

It has over 160 server locations in those 94 countries previously mentioned which also boosts its performance. As a result, since late 2019, all HP computers have come pre-loaded with ExpressVPN. This feature is critical since you should choose a server in a different country, but one that is still close. Just make sure to look at the server list since this can change for every user.

But their impressive software, unmatched security and proven privacy policy vault them ahead of the pack. Each of these VPN services has their own custom VPN client, available for all major OS’s . They range from flashy and feature-rich to functionality-first . We compared these VPN providers on a range of features, all of which affect your privacy, p2p performance, or customer satisfaction. This website earns money by matching visitors with VPN services. Based on my own research having 25% to 50% slower download/upload speeds while using a VPN is not too terribly unusual. Although if the speed went was around 10-25% of your normal speeds I would question if there was something impacting your speeds more than is normal for a VPN connection.

Outstanding Features​

Also, CyberGhost’s split tunneling works on Windows and Android only. In terms of security, both IPVanish and CyberGhost VPN are doing really well. They use military-grade encryption and have started implementing the next-gen WireGuard tunneling protocol.

It lets you browse anonymously, and you can even use this VPN with Tor for extra security and privacy online. There aren’t any dedicated peer-to-peer servers or special security features for torrenters.

Both NordVPN and CyberGhost has specialized servers for P2P connections. With NordVPN, most countries will have P2P servers alongside regular ones, so it will be plenty of options if you want to pick the closest. However, once the torrent traffic is detected, you will instantly be reconnected to a P2P-compatible server.

cyberghost vs pia

If you are looking for a vpn that has a larger server collection then I recommend CyberGhost. PIA on the other hand, only has 3,340 servers that are based in 32 countries spread across the globe. I hope that by the end of this PIA vs CyberGhost comparison you’ll be able to make a choice between these two vpns. Can someone compare the strengths and weaknesses of both as far as privacy, anonymity, and speed? There is a huge deal going on for Cyberghost, so it would be cheaper than PIA. Conner is a self-professed tech nerd, obsessed with digital security and privacy.

Romania-based CyberGhost used to offer the best free VPN plan available, but alas times have changed. With no free plan available, is CyberGhost still worth consideration? Yes; CyberGhost is a reliable option with a long-standing solid reputation. Cyber Ghost offers many of the robust features top VPN’s provide, but their price tag is, unfortunately, higher than most.

You can also chat with other users on Private Internet Access’ forum. CyberGhost offers live chat, but it is only available during Eastern European working hours. Their rich knowledge base and FAQ section can also be pretty useful. You just need to type what you are looking for in the search box and every article they have on the topic will appear. Private Internet Access also supports Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, and Linux. Our team of experts has identified 7 crucial VPN features in order to make it easier for you to compare CyberGhost and Private Internet Access. Using a VPN will hide these details and protect your privacy.

Both providers offer various tunneling protocols such as PPTP, L2TP/IPsec, SSTP, and industry-standard OpenVPN that uses 256-bit military-grade encryption by default. If we talk about more similarities, both providers offer built-in kill switch as well. That is massively disappointing considering how renowned Private Internet Access is and the fact that live chat has pretty much become a norm in the VPN industry.

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